Thursday, January 26, 2012

Picasso Learning Style Head

The type of learner I got was Visual learner.  There are a lot of ways technology can be used with this type of learning style.  You could watch a movie on how to do something.  You could play a video game about whatever it is you're trying to learn.  If you're an artist, they now how Apps on certain touchscreen devices that allow you to use a stylus to draw whatever device it is.


While there are 'common' well known stories that some people put, I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of the answers, and my fellow students tastes.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Double Entry Journal #2

This week we read the article "Web 2.0 and Emerging Learning Technologies/Learning Styles."
My quote from this article is:
"For example, the Suunto X6-HR is a powerful watch that has many functions inside it like “a heart-rate monitor with an altimeter in a slick package that's water-resistant for 100 meters” (CNET, n.d.)." (Smart watches and learning styles.)

I chose this quote because it began the articles decent to being a product placement ad.  I liked that the article was giving examples of what technology to use and reasons why to use it, but I did not agree with the 'buy-this-product' atmosphere it quickly picked up.  They sent entire paragraphs on why you should buy different products.  Thankfully they brought it back to the true subject matter.

I found another website with learning materials designed to help teachers integrate technology into their classroom, with diverse students in mind.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Double Entry Journal #1

I read the article 'Education Needs a Digital-Age Upgrade' by Virginia Heffernan, and while the entire article was wonderful and thought provoking the one quote that just jump out at me and sunk its teeth in was the first sentence: "If you have a child entering grade school this fall, file away just one number with all those back-to-school forms: 65 percent."
This was a beautiful, and incredibly intelligent way to open this article.  It just sucks you in and makes you ask, "why do I need that number?" and you know you have to keep reading to find out.  So you do keep reading and you get the payoff.  It's just a wonderful set up, to get you going and keep you focused into the article.

I found a video that boasts the use and benefits of digital media in the classroom.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Introducing: Me

My name is Beth Mills; I am from Wyoming County West Virginia.  My subject areas include Theatre, Speech and Library Science.  I plan on teaching at a high school level.
I believe the best way students learn is by doing, especially in theatre.  I believe theatre itself provides children with a release of their pent up energies that have built up over the day, as well as providing a creative outlet for them.  Some of the things I plan on exploring include warm-up exercises every actor or actress should know.  I'll also cover some fun theatre games to begin them on their path on acting.  Then I'd cover different "genres" of plays, such as commedia dell'arte, and theatre of the absurd.  All of this will lead to the class play, which I will allow the students the chance to chose.