Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ipad Assignment

For the Ipad App assignment I chose two design Apps.


The first was Freeform: The Vector Drawing App.

This app seems to resemble the paint function that comes standard on many computers, with the obvious exception of the touch screen capabilities. This should, theoretically, make the use of this product easier to use than the one that come one computers, as the touch screen would make the actual drawing process easier than the pencil tool on the computer. This App has zooming capabilities. You can create and modify objects, and save your projects.


The second was SketchPad.

This App is more simple than Freeform. Whereas Freeform has a lot of tools to chose from in your creation process, SketchPad just has the touch screen drawing capabilities. However, SketchPad does allow you to chose from different types of “paper,” such as college ruled, graphed, plain, etc. Also, you can choose what color you want to draw with. In addition to the drawing capabilities of SketchPad, you can also type with it, and incorporate notes into your drawings.

I chose these two Apps because I thought they would be of obvious benefit to my future students. For theatre practitioners, especially those in the technical side, would benefit from these Apps. It would be possible to use these Apps in the designing of costumes and set pieces, or perhaps even full sets. They would be beneficial in that it would be easier to “erase” any mistakes, or makes changes to the designs, by going back and eliminating and/or what you want changed. Also, the SketchPad App would be helpful when making notes on the designs. Both would be beneficial when it comes to storing and sharing the designs, which would make collaborating on design projects easier, as one could, most likely, save the file and send it, and the other person could open it and make changes.

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  1. These are great applications to promote creativity i your future students!